Our Fleet

Welcome to jmc virtual fleet here you will see the wide arrange of aircraft that we currently own as a virtual airline from light aircraft all the way up to the cargo aircraft jmc airlines was also partnered with condor and thomas cookso we have intergrated there fleet in to jmcvirtual. we at jmcvirtual are here to make your welcome as comfotable and plesant as possible and thats why at jmc virtual we put our pilots first and give them every light and commercial aircraft there is on the market available for you to fly if there is a specific aircraft that you dont see in the list please contact us and we will happily pay for this aircraft for you.
Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
Airbus 320-200
A320 186 470kts 39,000ft 2x V2500 3,790nm 24 more info
Airbus A330-200
A330 246 470kts 41,100ft 2x RR Trent 700 7,250nm 10 more info
Boeing 757-200
B757 239 470kts 38,700ft 2XPratt & Whitney PW2037 2,290nm 16 more info
Boeing 757-300
B753 243 470kts 42,000ft 2xPratt & Whitney PW200037 3,400nm 17 more info
DC10 380 460kts 42,000ft 2XGE CF6-50C 6,600nm 2 more info
AIRBUS 321-200
A321 236 470kts 41,000ft 2XCFM56-5B1 or 5B1/P or 5B1/2P 3,200nm 31 more info
Boeing 767-300
B763 328 470kts 42,979ft P&W JT9D-7R4, 2 x 50000 lb P&W PW4000-94, 3,900nm 19 more info
MRTT 291 470kts 42,000ft 2x RR Trent 700 9,100nm 1 more info
Airbus A300B4
A300 345 470kts 42,000ft 2xGeneral Electric CF6-80C2A5 4,050nm 9 more info
AIRBUS A310-200
A310 220 459kts 41,100ft CF6-80C2 5,150nm 5 more info
Airbus A310-100
A312 220 459kts 41,000ft GE CF6-80 3,500nm 2 more info
Airbus A319-100
A319 134 470kts 41,000ft CFM56-5B 3,750nm 2 more info
Boeing 727-100
B737 125 420kts 42,000ft Pratt & Whitney JT8D-1/7/9 2,250nm 1 more info
Boeing 737-100
B731 96 504kts 35,000ft Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15 1,720nm 3 more info
B732 130 508kts 37,000ft P&W JT8D-15A, 2 x 15480 lb 2,600nm 5 more info
Boeing 737-300
B733 126 473kts 37,000ft CFM56-3 2,375nm 9 more info
Boeing 737-700
B737 128 453kts 41,000ft CFM56-7 series 3,010nm 1 more info
boeing 747-400
B747 416 0kts 45,000ft PW4000 8,830nm 4 more info